The Difference between Wills & Living Wills?

A Will looks after the material aspects of your life after your death; your property, your funds, your possessions, and who gets them. A Living Will, or in Georgia, the Georgia Advance Care Directive, gives the medical profession a guideline of your health care desires; do you want to be on a feeding tube, ventilator, who will be responsible for your healthcare if you are not capable.

The Importance of Having a Will

Who will look after him?

Who will look after him?

A will is a legal document that directs what will (or won’t) go to your heirs.┬áIf you pass on without having created a will then the state that you resided in at the time of your death will decide. A will provides instructions to your heirs and may prevent them from fighting over all of the material possessions in your estate. A will can also provide instructions on who you want to be responsible for the care of your minor children should you die unexpectedly. It is a simple document that has a lot of power behind it. It is something that everyone should have regardless of their age. A will can always be updated or changed when circumstances require it.

Living Wills and the Georgia Advance Care Directive

The Georgia Advance Care Directive (only for Georgia) and a living will (for all other states) can help your loved ones make those all-important decisions regarding your health care when you become incapable of making them yourself. A living will directs doctors to continue invasive medical care if that is what you want, or discontinue it. While it is difficult to think about your end of life, being prepared makes it much easier on you and your family.